New Taipei and IFOAM promote healthy sustainable agriculture in Taiwan

The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement held a seminar in Taiwan on March 29

New Taipei Mayor Hou You-Yi at the IFOAM Seminar (Photo from New Taipei City gov.)

New Taipei Mayor Hou You-Yi at the IFOAM Seminar (Photo from New Taipei City gov.)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – New Taipei City in cooperation with the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement (IFOAM Asia), held a youth seminar on March 29 to promote nutrition and organic farming practices.

The seminar was entitled "Access to Markets: A Road to Sustainability" and invited experts from across the Asia-Pacific to speak about sustainable agriculture and its future development in Taiwan.

The Mayor of New Taipei, Hou You-Yi (侯友宜), spoke at the seminar and emphasized the government’s responsibility to ensure healthy and sustainable agricultural practices and to help develop market channels for healthy produce.

New Taipei City’s Agriculture Bureau released a press statement noting the city’s observance and promotion of organic agriculture to promote healthy communities.

The city promotes an “organic nutritious lunch” policy to ensure the supply and production of the healthy organic agricultural products, which will encourage and assist young farmers to invest further in agriculture, according to the press release.

In terms of developing domestic and international markets for Taiwanese produce, New Taipei is also helping to develop a blockchain system called the "International Organic Certification Interchange System" that will reportedly increase efficiency and accountability for product quality, improving the health of the market overall.

IFOAM Asia also promotes training courses for future agriculture industry specialists in the region, so that they will have first-hand experience to better understand the situations farmers face, and understand every step from product cultivation to the market place.

Updated : 2021-03-08 15:19 GMT+08:00