Kaohsiung college students reenact Han 'selling Taiwan' to China

NSUSU students dress as Kaohsiung Mayor Han and Winnie the Pooh to protest his 'selling sovereignty while selling fruits'

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Students at National Sun Yat-sen University (NSUSU) performed a skit this morning, reenacting what they called Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu's (韓國瑜) "selling of Taiwan" to the Chinese Communist party during his weekend trip to China.

This morning in front of NSUSU in Sizhiwan, Kaohsiung, several students sang the "Fake Drifter"(假漂泊的人) by the Taiwanese band The Chairman and accused Han of "selling sovereignty while selling fruits."

The students called on Taiwanese "to not be a fool and follow the Han school," and expressed their hope that people will come forward, regardless of party affiliations.

The students then put on a skit titled "The Present Situation of Han Kuo-yu Selling Taiwan" in which one student wearing a bald cap representing Han sold fruits to another student dressed in as Winnie the Pooh in an imperial robe. The Winnie the Pooh costume is a reference to the fact that all images of the cartoon bear are banned in China due to mocking comparisons previously made to Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The Han costume came complete with the trademark blue button-down shirt and dark slacks, while the student dressed as the Winnie wore the crown of a Qing Dynasty emperor and held a sign which read "1992 Consensus" and "one country, two systems."

(CNA image)

Lin Shang-I (林尚毅), a sophomore in the Department of Biological Sciences told Liberty Times that when National Taiwan University and National Chengchi University students launched "refuse to watch CtiTV" campaign in response to its alleged excessive coverage of Han, "Kaohsiung became a disaster area of fake news." Lin said, "you have to stand up and make your voice heard."

Lin said that when Han visited China, he repeatedly played the "Fruit Economy" card, but had unannounced meetings with the top liaison officers of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for Hong Kong and Macau behind closed doors. During these meetings, Lin claimed that during the secret meetings, Han had praised the Chinese Communist Party's "one country, two systems" framework, "undoubtedly using the 'Fruit Economy' as a cover to conceal the intention of cooperating with the CCP's United Front in Taiwan."

Lin claimed this showed that Han's trip was actually "zero percent economics and 100 percent politics."

Ironically, the comical scene attracted Chinese tourist who took souvenir photos but declined to make any comments. The students also distributed bananas, pineapples, and other tropical fruits to appeal for local support of Kaohsiung's agricultural industry.

During a Kaohsiung City Council meeting today, Han responded to criticism of his mentioning of the "1992 Consensus" by saying, "How could I sell Taiwan, what 'one country, two systems. Who in Taiwan can accept 'one country, two systems' now? Right now, Taiwan is unable to accept 'one country, two systems.' It is clear that the '1992 Consensus recognizes the Republic of China [Taiwan]," reported CNA.

In response to accusations that he "sold Taiwan" to China, Han said, "How can a county mayor sell Taiwan?" Han repeated his claim that he only "wants to sell Kaohsiung's agricultural and aquatic products."