Tickets for Taiwan HSR can now be purchased on Facebook

Tickets on Taiwan High Speed Rail can be purchased via Facebook Messenger

Kaohsiung Zuoying station. (Image by flickr user Cheng-en Cheng)

Kaohsiung Zuoying station. (Image by flickr user Cheng-en Cheng)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Passengers can now purchase Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) tickets via Facebook Messenger, announced the Taiwan High Speed Rail Corp. (THSRC) on Thursday (March 29).

To book a ticket, simply go to the THSR Facebook page and click Send Message. Then in the popup Messenger window that appears, click Get Started.

Next, on the lower left-hand corner of the Messenger screen, click 訂票 (buy ticket). Those who cannot read Chinese will either need to use a translation app like Google or ask a native speaker to help them navigate the options.

A series of options will then be presented in Chinese, such as departure and arrival stations, dates, times, class, and quantity. When one is ready to purchase a ticket, they will need to fill out an online form which includes their ID card number or passport in the case of foreigners and their passport.

Then payment must be made through the T Express app, which is available both on Android and iOS.

The new "Messenger Intelligent Ticket Purchase" system not only provides booking functions, but also provides passengers with instant online answers through voice or text inquiries if they have problems with their tickets. If passengers have other questions or problems, they can click on the Contact Us link on the THSR official website.

Screenshots of booking functions on Facebook Messenger. (Image from THSR)