Taiwan's Yangmingshan National Park -- Datun Nature Park

Taking a walk in the park is so relaxing

The Datun Nature Park in the Yangmingshan National Park

The Datun Nature Park in the Yangmingshan National Park (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The Yangmingshan National Park is located in the northern watershed area of the Taipei Basin and primarily consists of the Datun volcano group.

In addition to unique volcanic landforms, the national park also nurtures a rich natural ecology.

The Datun Nature Park is located on the saddle between two mountains, containing a marshy area called the Datun Pond.

Walking into the park from the Erziping trailhead, the pond comes into sight amid wide open and refreshing views of the park.

Boardwalks can be seen zigzagging over the pond. Taking a walk in the park is so relaxing.

Due to abundant moisture, the park nourishes a variety of green plants.

The Yamingshan National Park Headquarters has set up an azalea restoration area, and when spring comes, visitors can see a great variety of blooming azaleas.

In addition to azaleas, the area is also rich in nectar bearing plants and larval food plants, attracting many butterflies of different species to suck the nectar of the flowers. Therefore, in springtime, the Datun Nature Park and its vicinity is also a nice place to watch butterflies.

The beautiful scenery of colorful azalea flowers, the green trees and grass, along with the reflection of the surroundings on the lake, is sure to make visitors reluctant to leave. When the weather changes and mist arises, the park instantly turns into a fairyland.