Taiwan Family Mart introduces cashless 'My Famipay' app

First electronic payment service released by a convenience store in Taiwan available March 27

(Photo from Cathay United Bank)

(Photo from Cathay United Bank)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Family Mart convenience store chain in Taiwan has announced the launch of “My Famipay” a cashless payment service app that can be downloaded on any smart phone.

The “My Famipay” app makes Family Mart the first convenience store in the country to develop its own signature electronic payment service.

The app is set to be available for download from March 27, according to the press release, but will initially only be offered to people with credit cards issued by Taixin International Bank (台新銀行) or Cathay United Bank (國泰世華銀行).

The app just requires that a user link the app to a credit card. Then users can complete purchases with a quick scan of the products and their cellphone at any Family Mart check out.

The smart phone app can be used to snap up limited time offers, or transfer gifts gained through purchase points to friends or relatives, according to reports.

Later in 2019, “My Famipay” will be integrated with an online shopping platform, and potentially other services as well, reports Liberty Times.

During the initial public launch phase of the product, users that download the app and use it for a purchase can earn free rewards such as a cup of coffee or tea.

While only credit cards issued by Taixin International Bank or Cathay United Bank are currently compatible, more partner banks will be added in the coming months, reports Liberty Times.

(Photo from Family Mart)