Now in theaters: 'Letter from Masanjia' leaves Taiwanese audience in tears

The eye-opening documentary exposes human rights violations in China


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- In 2012, a woman in Oregon found a hidden letter inside a Halloween decoration she bought at a local store, which led her to discover a horrifying secret in China and the plight of a political dissident imprisoned in a labor camp in China.

The letter traveled 9,000 kilometers away from Masanjia Camp located in Shenyang, the largest city of China's northeast Liaoning Province. The Oregon woman later found many horrifying pictures and accounts about the place online.

The English-language letter mixed with Chinese characters soon received attention in international media outlets, including CNN, FOX News, New York Times among others, and inspired the award-winning Canadian movie director Leon Lee (李雲翔) to secretly film the human rights violations taking place in China, with the help of the writer of the letter Sun Yi, who had been released after years of torture and forced labor work in the camp.

With the equipment assistance of Lee, Sun recounted his tale in the camp, the ongoing harassment from Chinese authorities, as well as the tortures of his Falun Gong fellows.

The movie "Letter from Masanjia" is mixed with animation of the grisly practices of torture done in the camp. Sun and the victims' heart-wrenching accounts in the film have left Taiwanese audience in shock and tears.

Su Hsun-Pi (蘇勳璧) told media after watching that she admires the persistence and courage of Sun to inform the world of the human rights violations in China.

National United University Professor Chang An-shen (張安森) said that Taiwanese people take these freedoms for granted, but it's not the case in China.

"Letter from Masanjia" is now in theaters in Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung as follows:

Taipei |Ambassador Theaters at Spring Center
March 22 Friday 13:55, 17:50
March 23 Saturday 13:55, 17:50
March 24 Sunday 13:55, 17:50
March 25 Monday 13:00, 18:55
March 26 Tuesday 13:00, 18:55
March 27 Wednesday 13:00, 18:55
March 28 Thursday 13:00, 18:55

Taichung |Wonderful Cinemas
March 22 Friday 16:30, 19:00
March 23 Saturday 16:30, 19:00
March 24 Sunday 16:30, 19:00
March 25 Monday 16:30

March 22 Friday 20:30
March 23 Saturday 16:30, 20:30
March 24 Sunday 16:30, 20:30
March 25 Monday 20:30

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