Annong River Bikeway provides an idyllic option for recreation in Taiwan’s Yilan

The 15 km bikeway runs along the left embankment of the Annong River

Annong River Bikeway (Photo courtesy of George Liao)

Annong River Bikeway (Photo courtesy of George Liao)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – “Sansing” (三星鄉) -- the mentioning of the name immediately evokes the images of green scallion and fried pork (卜肉), a delicious local delicacy, with which the name of the township in Taiwan's northeastern county of Yilan has come to be associated.

However, for people who like outdoor activities, what do they come here for besides eating crispy scallion pancakes and fried pork? The answer could lie in the Annong River Bikeway (安農溪自行車道).

The 15 km bikeway runs along the left embankment of the Annong River between the upstream Lanyang Power Plant (蘭陽電廠) in Sanxiang and the downstream Waizaiwai Bridge in Luodong Township.

While riding along the bikeway, cyclists can enjoy idyllic scenery surrounding the bikeway that is dominated by paddy fields, scallion fields, and luxury cottages, as well as verdant mountain ranges in the distance.

The whole bikeway is flat, clean, and clearly marked; therefore it is suitable for people of all ages. The best time to ride along the bikeway is when day is breaking or in the late-afternoon when the sun is about to set.

No bike rentals are visible along the bikeway, so visitors had better bring their own bikes.

The water of the Annong River comes from another river, and the power of the water flowing down the steep upstream hill is harnessed by Lanyang Power Plant to generate electricity. The fast flowing water is then used as the source for the agricultural irrigation systems downstream, as well as for whitewater rafting.

The Annong River is one of the three whitewater rafting destinations in Taiwan, besides Siouguluan River in Hualien County and Laonong River in Kaohsiung.

No rafting groups are visible on the river at this time of year probably because the weather is still too cold for the activity.

For information related to whitewater rafting along the Annong River, please call (03) 9895566.

(video courtesy of George Liao)

The following phots are courtesy of George Liao.

The hydraulic Lanyang Power Plant