Taiwanese legislator's office director accused of attempted rape

After allegations by two female reporters, suspect was fired from his position under lawmaker Lee Hong-cuan

(Photo from Pixabay)

(Photo from Pixabay)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The district office director working for Lee Hong-cuan (李鴻鈞), a national legislator of the People First Party (親民黨), has been accused of sexual harassment and attempted rape by two female reporters.

Following the media report of sexual misconduct by Lee Hong-cuan's office director, Chang Shu-wei (張書維), the lawmaker gave a statement at the Legislative Yuan on March 20, denouncing Chang's actions. Li stated that Chang has been removed from his position at the lawmaker’s Xinzhuang (新莊) office.

Mirror Media first reported the incident, which allegedly occurred on Feb. 22 at a KTV parlor, following a formal dinner in which the two reporters were joined by Chang and several others.

After drinking a substantial amount of liquor, Chang persuaded the women to go to the KTV parlor, where he allegedly made advances at both of them. At some point during the evening, the senior female reporter was separated from her younger colleague.

Reports suggest that the older woman who left may have been shuttled away from the establishment in a drunken state, at Chang's direction, so that he would be left alone with the younger reporter.

The reporter alleges that Chang assaulted her and forcibly removed some articles of clothing. Her screams reportedly kept the incident from escalating further.

Chang has responded to the allegations by claiming he was set up by the two news reporters, with his explanation of events reported by Apple Daily.

The two women have filed a joint report with the police, and their identities have not been revealed in order to protect their privacy and reputation.

Soon after the media report was made early Wednesday morning, Lee Hong-cuan spoke at the Legislative Yuan and acknowledged the incident.

He announced that Chang had been removed from his position, and stated that Chang’s behavior, no matter the circumstances, is inexcusable, reports Liberty Times.

File photo of People First Party legislator, Lee Hong-cuan (CNA Photo)