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China's Xi calls for educators to clamp down on ‘false ideas and thoughts’

China’s leader intends to inculcate socialism and support for the Party among students

CCP Chairman Xi Jinping

CCP Chairman Xi Jinping (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — China President Xi Jinping urged teachers to tackle “false ideas and thoughts” at a Beijing education symposium on Monday.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader said efforts should be made to ensure a new generation can fulfill the mission of “national rejuvenation,” according to Xinhua News.

Ideology is instilled from a young age in China, ensuring children develop a worldview in line with the CCP. Xi presided over the forum, which was held for teachers of political and ideological courses.

Courses in “Basic Theory of Marxist Philosophy” and “Basic Knowledge of Mao Zedong Thoughts” have long been compulsory for college students.

Since October last year, many Chinese university students have been obligated to take core courses in “Xi Thought.”

Xi said on Monday that political and ideological courses must be upgraded “for training future generations who are well-prepared to join the socialist cause,” Xinhua reported.

He added this was a high priority and should be done as soon as possible.

There are regular academic crackdowns in China. Following a series of labor rights protests on campuses, Peking University last year established an “internal control and management” office that mandates campus patrols and regular student inspections.

This is a particularly sensitive year for China, with the 30th anniversary of the Tian’anmen Square protests approaching.