Taiwan High Speed Rail announces specially priced ‘spring tour’ package

THSRC said that the package will require only two people as a group

(photo courtesy of THSRC)

(photo courtesy of THSRC)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation (THSRC) on March 14 announced a specially priced “spring tour” package that includes a round-trip bullet train ticket plus one night stay during weekdays at a designated hotel in central or southern Taiwan.

THSRC said the package will only require two people to qualify for a group discount, and booking is available from now until June 30 for trips that will take place on weekdays (Monday through Thursday, excluding national holidays) during the period from April 1 to June 30.

According to the THSRC announcement, the price for a party of two departing from Taipei and staying at a designated hotel in Tainan, Kaohsiung, or Kenting for one night during weekdays is the most favorable and equates to staying at the hotel for free.

For example, if a group of two departing from Taipei and staying at a designated hotel in Kenting during weekdays, the package price for either one of the two is only NT$2,980, which is exactly the price of a Taipei-Zuoying round-trip ticket, not to mention breakfast and the shuttle bus service to and from Kenting that are included in the package, THSRC said.

For more information, please visit the THSRC website (Chinese).

The following list includes information about the partner hotels and the package prices.


Hotel Partner



City Resort

Holiday Inn Express

In One City Inn

NT$1,600/per person (=a round-trip ticket+NT$200)

Sun Moon Lake

Harbor Resort Hotel

NT$2,250/per person (=a round-trip ticket+NT$850)


Maison De Chine

Orient Luxury Hotel

NT$2,360/per person (=a round-trip ticket+NT$200)


U.I.J Hotel & Hostel

Golden Tulip Glory Fine Hotel

Fushin Hotel

NT$2,700/per person (=a round-trip ticket+NT$0)


Hotel Cozzi Zhongshan

Just Sleep-Kaohsiung Station

City Suites Kaohsiung Chenai

Fullon Hotel Kaohsiung

NT$2,980/per person (=a round-trip ticket+NT$0)


Fullon Resort

A. Maz. Inn

NT$2,980/per person (=a round-trip ticket+NT$0)