Foxconn, Kaohsiung sign technology promotion MOU

Foxconn head Gou, Kaohsiung Mayor Han sign MOU to develop smart technology

Gou (left), Han (right).

Gou (left), Han (right). (CNA photo)

Kaohsiung, March 17 (CNA) Terry Gou (郭台銘), chairman of manufacturing giant Foxconn Technology Group, and Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Sunday to promote the development of the city's smart technology.

The MOU was signed at a press conference that was live-streamed on YouTube following a tour of Hon Hai's data center and supercomputer at the Kaohsiung Software Park.

Speaking at the press conference, referred to as "AI Kaohsiung Smart Industry and Agriculture," Gou pointed out that AI refers to artificial intelligence and also sounds like the word for "love" when spoken in Mandarin Chinese.

Hence, it can be implied that using high technology to "love" Kaohsiung can not only help bring prosperity to the city but more importantly, can help the city's industries, Gou said.

It is also hoped that through the MOU, outstanding high-end talent can be retained, while providing incentives to attract people from other areas of Taiwan and even foreign nationals to Kaohsiung, Gou said.

Citing the example of helping to develop Kaohsiung's technology industry, Gou said Hon Hai hopes to recruit over 3,000 software engineers for the Kaohsiung Software Park to work in big data, AI and software development.

So far only 500 people have been recruited and Gou said he welcomes other outstanding talent to join.

Gou noted that Hon Hai employees and their relatives number over 2 million and that he wishes to sell goods produced in Kaohsiung to the Chinese cities of Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Shanghai, Kunshan and Nanjing.

During the first year, at least 10 million kilograms of fruit, vegetables, meat and fish products will be sold, he estimated.

Gou said that Kaohsiung is strategically located in the Asia-Pacific region and has a complete transport infrastructure.

He also commended Han as a "clean and good mayor," who has created an ideal environment for investment.

Meanwhile, Han thanked Gou for his investment in the city, saying that software is a high value-added industry that can help Kaohsiung's output without creating pollution.

Updated : 2021-03-08 15:51 GMT+08:00