Taiwan Premier attacks Communications Commission over handling of fake news

Su said the committee is ineffective and must review its process for handling such issues

Su Tseng-chang (center) in Kaohsiung

Su Tseng-chang (center) in Kaohsiung (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan Premier Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌) aimed criticism at Taiwan’s National Communications Commission (NCC) on Sunday for not taking control of the country’s “fake news” problem that rocked last year’s local elections.

CNA reports Su aired his grievances during media questions upon his visit to Kaohsiung to inspect a recorded improvement in pollution levels.

The Premier was asked by one reporter about the dissemination of fake news in Taiwan over recent years that has disrupted democratic processes. Su remarked that it seems nobody can deal with the NCC, and the organization is ineffective.

He added that the NCC must re-examine its internal mechanisms to ensure society is not plagued with disinformation.

MCC representative Po-Tsung Wong (翁柏宗) told CNA that the NCC accepts criticism from all branches of society with open arms, and will re-examine its procedures for dealing with such issues.

Wong said when the NCC receives public complaints, responsible parties are first asked to present their grievances to the committee, then submit a formal complaint to the Advertisement Advisory Committee for review, then submit a further final proposal to the NCC.

The NCC will review how it can improve these procedures for the future, Wong said.