Tourists lambasted for climbing up a railroad bridge in eastern Taiwan for taking photos

The post was recently dug up and widely shared on social media

(photo taken from social media)

(photo taken from social media)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Three young tourists who sneaked up onto a railroad bridge in Yuli Township, Hualien County last year have been lambasted by social media users for their folly, Central News Agency (CNA) reported on Sunday.

Kecheng Bridge (客城橋) on the outskirts of Yuli is an iron railroad bridge, on which pedestrians are prohibited to walk. However, three tourists climbed up to the bridge and took photos of themselves posing on the bridge.

Several of the photos were posted by one of the tourists on Instagram on May 27, 2018 with a caption that read, “Climbing up here is really scary, for fear of getting caught and being slapped with fines on one hand, and getting hit by trains on the other,” CNA reported.

The post was recently dug up more than nine months after the date of the original post, and screenshots of the post were taken and widely shared on social media, the news outlet reported.

Some social media users who came across the screenshots lashed out at the three tourists. “These people are looking for death. They are not worth our pity if anything happen to them, but it’s not good to cause train delays,” one said, according to CNA. “Are these three people trying to kill themselves?” said another.

Railway Police Bureau said that they have received reports of the tourists’ behavior and will summon them to a railway police station to be questioned. With consideration for laws and personal safety, the bureau urges the public to never trespass onto its railway lines, as offenders can be charged under the Railway Act and Offenses Against Public Safety.

(photo taken from social media)