Northern Taiwan temperatures forecast to reach 30 degrees Celsius

(photo courtesy of CWB)

(photo courtesy of CWB)

The mercury is forecast to climb to 30 degrees Celsius in northern Taiwan by March 21, before the northeasterly monsoon increases, bringing temperatures down, the Central Weather Bureau forecast Sunday.

Temperatures are expected to drop by 10 degrees in northern areas Friday as the monsoon builds up, the bureau said.

Precipitation under the influence of the monsoon and the arrival of a cold front are forecast to bring sporadic rain to northern and eastern Taiwan, with temperatures dropping, the bureau added.

Temperatures could be at as high as 30 degrees in northern Taiwan Thursday but are expected to drop to 20 degrees the following day, while the mercury could drop by eight degrees in central Taiwan and up to five degrees in the south.

On Saturday, highs around the country will continue to fall, with highs in the northern area expected to stand at 17-19 degrees, 20 degrees in the central area, and 21-24 degrees in the south, the weather bureau forecast.