Spring Break on the Beach 2019 returns to southern Taiwan in April

'This year’s gonna be weird' say organizers, On The Beach Promotions

Chateau’s 2019 Spring Break on the Beach kicks off in April (image courtesy of organizer)

Chateau’s 2019 Spring Break on the Beach kicks off in April (image courtesy of organizer)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The 2019 Spring Break on the Beach (夏都春宴) music festival has invited international DJs, jugglers, acrobats, and a well known Japanese internet celebrity to perform this year at the Chateau Beach Resort in Kenting (墾丁), April 4-6.

The line-up for this year's Spring Break on the Beach includes French DJ and Producer, Solberjum, British born globetrotter, Swindali, Hong Kong based Mojito, and Wes-P aka Mr. Uekusa. Additionally, DJ Chamber and the queen of Taiwan's beach parties, MoneyDick and other Taiwanese DJs will also be there.

According to the organizers, due to the lack of the Chinese tourists, the number of visitors to Kenting has been dropping steadily. That's why they hope to encourage more people to take the trip down south for this year's event.

Taiwan’s largest association of Harley Davidson riders is also planning to visit Kenting during the event. The organizer said that 300 members of the association have already signed up to join the music festival.

Spring Break on the Beach (photo by the organizer)

Another highlight of this year's festival will be Japanese performer, Kazuhisa Uekusa, who has more than one hundred and forty thousand followers on Instagram. His most famous and hilarious act includes performing naked with a piece of fabric placed between various items and his body. He skillfully removes the fabric very quickly without showing his private parts to audience members.

According to the team at On the Beach Promotions, “This year’s gonna be weird,” thanks to the huge variety of DJs, dancers, circus performers, bikers, and other entertainers coming to the festival, April 4-6. For more information, please go to the Spring Break on the Beach Facebook page.
Kazuhisa Uekusa is going to perform at the festival (Image by the organizer)