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Indian traders plan to burn Chinese goods

'Holi of Chinese goods' planned for March 19

Indian traders plan protests against Chinese goods

Indian traders plan protests against Chinese goods (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Indian traders have launched a boycott of goods imported from China and plan to burn the products in public on March 19, reports said Friday.

The action was a response to a Chinese vote at the United Nations blocking the description of a radical Muslim leader in the disputed area of Kashmir as a terrorist.

The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT), which says it represents 70 million traders, will hold burnings of Chinese products across the country on March 19 to “teach China a lesson,” India’s Economic Times reported Friday.

A CAIT official described the burning as a “Holi of Chinese goods,” in a reference to the upcoming Indian festival famous for its throwing around of colored powder.

Other organizations were expected to join the boycott, while Indian netizens called on people not only to stop buying Chinese goods, but also to uninstall Chinese apps from their phones and computers. Sports teams and events should drop Chinese sponsors, activists said.

India imports about US$75 billion (NT$2.3 trillion) a year from China, with the trade balance in the latter’s favor, the Economic Times noted.