President Tsai meets Guatemala Defence Minister in Taipei

General Luis Miguel Ralda Moreno made a visit to the President's Office on March 15

Guatemala Defence Minister Gen. Luis Miguel Ralda Moreno with President Tsai

Guatemala Defence Minister Gen. Luis Miguel Ralda Moreno with President Tsai (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – President Tsai Ing-wen hosted the Defence Minister of allied nation Guatemala at the Presidential Office on Friday, March 15.

General Luis Miguel Ralda Moreno is visiting Taiwan on behalf of the Morales administration in Guatemala to cultivate political and military ties in a long standing partnership of over 80 years between the two democratic countries.

President Tsai welcomed the general to Taipei and remarked that she was happy to see him again after their last meeting in 2018 when the Defence Minister visited Taiwan for a military officer training program.

Tsai pointed out that ties between Guatemala and Taiwan have remained strong over the decades, and that the relationship is one based on friendship and shared values.

The president noted that Guatemala offered the nation assistance after last year’s devastating Hualien earthquake, and that Taiwan provided support for Guatemala when the Fuego Volcano erupted last November, reports Liberty Times.

Tsai also expressed her thanks to Guatemala for speaking up on behalf of Taiwan at the recent World Health Organization Executive Committee meeting, and advocating for Taiwan’s participation in the international organization.

President Tsai asked General Luis Miguel Ralda Moreno to send her regards and thanks to President Morales for the assistance he has given Taiwan. The two leaders also expressed their hopes for continued exchange and opportunities to strengthen ties in the future.