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McDonald’s Taiwan starts accepting EasyCard payment

Customers can now pay by EasyCard, iPass, icash, and HappyCash

Image/FB McDonald's Taiwan

Image/FB McDonald's Taiwan

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – People in Taiwan can now pay for their meals with EasyCard at the country’s McDonald’s outlets, the fast food chain giant announced Friday.

Starting March 15, McDonald’s Taiwan will begin accepting payment with four electronic stored-value cards, which are EasyCard, iPass, icash, and HappyCash. The move marks the first of its kind for Taiwan’s fast-food restaurants, reported UDN.

According to McDonald’s Taiwan, the measure refelcts the company’s effort to join the trend of multiple payment methods for the convenience of customers. The service is available at the counter, self-order kiosks, as well as the drive-thru.

The new service builds on the success of the credit card and mobile payment scheme rolled out by McDonald’s Taiwan last year, which is operated on a system developed in collaboration with National Credit Card Center (NCCC), said the company.

In February, 2018, McDonald’s outlets across Taiwan started offering the choice of credit card payment – Visa, MasterCard, and JCP – from a total of 27 banks in Taiwan. Customers have also been given the option to make orders via their mobile devices using Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay, reported Central News Agency.

McDonald’s Taiwan has seen revenues in non-cash payments surpass 10 percent at its restaurant outlets, according to the company.