Taiwan to attract more visitors from Russia

The country is present at a travel fair in Moscow

Taiwan is present at the Moscow travel expo.

Taiwan is present at the Moscow travel expo. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Taiwan is taking the next step in trying to attract more visitors from Russia by a presence at the Moscow International Exhibition for Travel and Tourism.

The island country has opened a pavilion at the expo to present its colorful nature, gourmet foods and lively cities, the Central News Agency reported.

Part of the program was a visa waiver for Russian citizens for a stay of up to 14 days.

Over the past decade, Russian travelers have built up a major presence in Asia, in particular in sunny destinations such as the Indian region of Goa and Thailand, due to the marked contrast with the image of the cold Russian winters.

In 2018, Thailand received 1.5 million Russian visitors, only surpassed by tourists from China and Malaysia, according to official statistics. Many of the Russians are young families with children, though a wave of home buying by Russians diminished after a financial crisis hit the former communist country in 2014.

Last year, Taiwan attracted more than 11 million foreign visitors, a figure expected to increase amid a more liberal visa waiver policy and promotional efforts such as the presence at the Moscow travel fair.