Photo of the Day: 'Letter' from Taiwan leopard cat

Amid reports of superior cuddliness of Pandas, Taiwan leopard cat sends 'letter' to humans

(Photo from Leopard Cat Association of Taiwan)

(Photo from Leopard Cat Association of Taiwan)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- As online speculation heats up over the potential arrival of cuddly pandas from Communist China at the Kaohsiung Zoo, the Leopard Cat Association of Taiwan released a photo yesterday (March 13) showing one of the felines seemingly writing a "letter" explaining that it is not aggressive and is more of a victim than a threat.

After reports surfaced that China is considering lending two pandas to the Kaohsiung Zoo, netizens and the media have been making erroneous statements that pandas are more cuddly and less aggressive than Taiwan's indigenous Formosan black bears and Taiwan leopard cats.

Taiwanese media outlet CTI TV wrote, "compared with the ferocious appearance and aggressive nature of the leopard cats and black bears, pandas are cuter. They are not only not aggressive and exhibit lazy behavior such as nibbling on bamboo, but are also super healing. Plus, they do not hide or run around their enclosures." As soon as the inaccurate information was published, netizens became angry and criticized the report's assertions.

In response, the Facebook group Leopard Cat Association of Taiwan yesterday posted a photo of a Taiwan Leopard Cat with the title "The voice of the Leopard Cat." To the right of the leopard cat is a mock hand-written note by the reclusive feline.

"Although I am the fierce king of the foothills, I have not strength to fight against human beings, and will not bite people indiscriminately." At the end of the post, the association also writes that "the number of leopard cats is estimated to be only a quarter of the 2,000 [official estimate]."

The association adds that "There have only been reports of people eating leopard cats, not leopard cats biting people."

As soon as the image was published, there was an outpouring of support from netizens:

"Leopard cats add oil!"

"Seeing the news this morning made me tremble with rage."

"I love leopard cats! Reject mentally disabled media!"

"I don't know if you would bite people or not, but I know that CTI is good at spraying blood on people."