Taiwan electric scooter firm Gogoro releases new Gogoro 2 variant: the Rumbler

The Rumbler is targeted at 18-30 year olds

Gogoro 2 Rumbler

Gogoro 2 Rumbler

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan’s fastest growing electric scooter start-up Gogoro announced the release of a new model scooter on Wednesday, March 13, the Gogoro 2 Rumbler.

The Rumbler’s new style, which is a variant of the Gogoro 2 model released in 2018, was designed to attract 18 to 30 year olds with a sleek, and more mature design compared to the original Gogoro 2 model.

The Rumbler model has tires designed for slightly more traction, and new design of seat cushion to maximize comfort and weight distribution of the rider.

The new model shares he same engine, SBS brake system, headlights, and smart dashboard and personal security features as the Gogoro 2.

According to Liberty Times, the Gogoro 2 Rumbler is priced at NT$86,000 (US$2,800) dollars and can be delivered from the factory in three to five days.

For a limited time, if customers buy the Rumbler direct from the retail lot in Taoyuan, the company is offering a substantial rebate, and the scooter can be purchased for NT$52,000 (US$1,700), says LTN.