New Zealand to introduce levies and fees for Taiwanese and other visitors

Registration to start in July despite visa waiver

Milford Sound in New Zealand (photo by Lawrence Murray)

Milford Sound in New Zealand (photo by Lawrence Murray) (By Wikimedia Commons)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - New Zealand was planning to introduce fees and levies for foreign visitors, including those from Taiwan, reports said Wednesday.

Beginning in October, travelers planning to visit New Zealand would have to register first under the “Electronic Travel Authority” (ETA) even if they, like Taiwanese citizens, did not need to apply for a visa, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

The ETA registration would cost NZ$9 (NT$194) if done by smartphone app or NZ$12 (NT$259) if conducted on the Internet, the Apple Daily reported. Registration was likely to start in July and to remain valid for two years.

Citizens of 60 countries would need to register, regardless of whether they arrived in New Zealand by air or by sea.

In addition, the introduction of the ETA registration fee would be accompanied by an “International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy” (IVL) costing NZ$35 (NT$740) and remaining valid for the same two-year period as the ETA, according to the Apple Daily report.