Taihu Brewing launch 'Love Seeker' featuring Chinese Cupid label design

The beverage hits shelves just prior to White Valentine's Day

Taihu Brewing launched 'Love Seeker' (image by Taihu Brewing)

Taihu Brewing launched 'Love Seeker' (image by Taihu Brewing)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – In sight of White Valentine's Day, soon arriving on March. 14, Taihu Brewing (臺虎精釀) has launched a new beverage called "Love Seeker" featuring peach and roselle flavors.

Taihu Brewing has produced various commemorative craft beers with creative label design and flavors over the years, including the dark beer "Taiwan Bear," the blank label to support equality, and the signature tea-blended beer Taiwan Jin Xiang Tea Beer (金香茶啤酒).

Taihu Brewing's new drink "Love Seeker"—an apple cider infused with peach and roselle—features a bottle design inspired by the Chinese Cupid (月下老人).

Taihu explained the legend of Chinese Cupid holds that he carries a marriage book in his left hand and a walking stick in his right, with a kind smile on his face. He is responsible for matters of love and marriage.

Cupid is also thought to bring wealth, hence why some people—such as businessmen—will go to a Chinese Cupid temple and pray for money.

The newly-launched "Love Seeker" craft beer can be purchased at Seven-Eleven convenience stores around the country. Purchasing three designated Taihu Brewing products awards customers a 25 percent discount before Apr. 9.

More information can be found on the official website or Facebook page.