Taipei ‘info station’ event -- ask questions and get souvenirs

Tourists are invited to stop by any of the 26 stations and inquire about Taipei-related info

Taipei ‘info station’ event -- ask questions and get souvenirs (Photo/Taipei City Gov)

Taipei ‘info station’ event -- ask questions and get souvenirs (Photo/Taipei City Gov)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – To coincide with the 2019 Taipei Azalea Festival, Taipei is launching a month-long event to promote tourism by encouraging the city’s visitors to “inquire about Taipei-related info” and earn souvenirs and preferential offers.

Between March 12 and April 12, travelers who visit any of the “information stations” – set up at 26 participating business entities in the capital of Taiwan – and ask questions or make purchases, will receive limited-edition good luck amulets, said the Department of Information and Tourism of Taipei.

The amulets are available in four styles, each carrying an auspicious wish – good health, fortune and prosperity, excellent academic performance, and happy matchmaking.

Along with the free souvenir, visitors will also enjoy discount tickets and other offers at a number of stores taking part in the event. For example, “On May Way Youth Hostel” (途中, 台北青年旅舍) provides a Taipei Double-Decker Sightseeing Bus pass at only NT$50.

The event seeks to acquaint tourists with the hospitality of Taipei, while offering them opportunities to experience cultural aspects of the city. Travelers who wish to learn more about the city’s bookshop hubs are invited to visit “Yabook Secondhand Bookstore” (雅博客二手書店). Those who’d like to get to know what Yongkang commercial district has to offer, feel free to ask staff of the teashop “Ateliea Tea” (不二堂茶).

A full list of the 26 businesses can be found on the Travel Taipei website. For more information, call 02-27588218 for Ms. Chen or add the Line account myvoler.

Limited edition good luck amulets (Photo/Taipei City Gov)