Taiwanese festivals illuminated in daily Italian newspaper

Il Messaggero featured a full-page spread of Taiwan travel tips

Taiwan featured in Il Messaggero

Taiwan featured in Il Messaggero (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan has been spotlighted in the travel pull-out of one of Italy’s top-circulating newspapers.

CNA reports the March 7 edition of Rome-based broadsheet Il Messaggero featured a full-page spread of travel tips for Taiwan, acquainting readers with some of the country’s most spectacular traditions and activities including the festive sky lantern release at Pingxi (平溪), this years Lantern Festival held in Pingtung (屏東), and Tainan’s (台南) Yanshui Firework Festival.

Under the vivid headline “Taiwan, earth sparkling with water and fire,” the central article describes in detail the annual grand lantern festival held during New Year—which this year commenced in Pingtung County (屏東縣). It also intimates readers with the Yanshui Firework Festival of Tainan, jesting that the heavy suits, helmets and gloves are not for a space mission, but protection from flaming projectiles.

The article says that tradition holds the festival originated as a tribute to Tao god of war Guan Yu (關羽), whose army once set off masses of firecrackers to rid the streets of a cholera epidemic.

It describes Pingtung’s Lantern Festival as a combination of “tradition and technological innovation,” and a space that exhibited the creativity of local peoples–including indigenous tribes—and immigrants from South East Asia.

The writer suggests Lunar New Year is one of the best times to visit Taiwan, and notes the 2020 Lantern Festival is to be held in Taichung (台中).