Greater China Amazon Web Services IoT Lab to open in Taipei

The lab will assist local clients quickly develop solutions to market needs

Amazon Web Services logo

Amazon Web Services logo (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced Friday that its Greater China Area AWS Internet of Things (IoT) Lab will open in Taipei to help accelerate the design and deployment of IoT applications in the region.

Amazon said the lab offers quality hardware and software solutions provided by partners of the AWS Partner Network (APN), according to CNA.

Managing Director of AWS Hong Kong and Taiwan Robert Wang (王定愷) said homes, workplaces, factories, hospitals and cars house technology abundant with data customers are looking for ways to collect, store and analyze. AWS IoT allows devices to connect to the cloud so clients can build Internet of Things solutions to a wide range of problems.

These clients will now be able to test prototypes of their IoT solutions in Taiwan, which is a global hub of technological manufacturing, Wang said.

The lab will work with partners to provide hardware pre-certification, expertise, and a catalog of IoT solutions to meet market needs. Some of the AWS partners include the Industrial Technology Research Institute, SoftChef, QNAP Systems, CEC, Lite-On and Sinomos.

Collaboration will speed up engineering integration, AWS Corporate Vice President Alex Yung said, and through the equipment certification program, increase the amount of certified hardware. Through a more comprehensive equipment catalog, IoT Lab experts can cooperate with clients to push solutions prototypes to the market faster.

Smart consumer electronics manufacturer Sinomos collaborated with AWS IoT Lab to integrate Alexa Skills with IoT Device Messages to allow voice controls to operates Christmas light illumination modes, Rung said. SoftChef uses AWS to certify customer devices, and through applications like AWS IoT Greengas and Amazon FreeRTOS, quickly builds solutions to meet market needs.