Turkish media prints letter from Taiwan envoy rejecting China's 'One Country, Two Systems'

Taiwan’s Representative to Turkey, Tai-Hsiang Cheng, penned a letter defending Taiwan's sovereignty

(Photo from pixabay user Engin Akyurt)

(Photo from pixabay user Engin Akyurt)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – In another example of Turkey’s growing criticism of China, an influential Turkish magazine covering global political issues has published a letter from the country’s Taiwanese envoy criticizing Beijing’s “One Country, Two Systems” proposal for annexing Taiwan.

Published in the March issue of “Haber Ajanda,” the letter, written by Taiwan’s Representative to Turkey, Tai-Hsiang Cheng (鄭泰祥), offers Turkish readers a better understanding of Taiwan’s de facto independence.

In the article, entitled “A Free and Democratic Taiwan will never accept One Country, Two Systems,“ Cheng emphasizes that Taiwanese people will never give up their sovereignty to the communist party.

Cheng also observes that Turkey, as a democratic country, shares many of the same values with Taiwan, and that like the people of Turkey, Taiwan’s population of 23 million people will strive to protect their autonomy and way of life in the face of China’s campaigns to suppress Taiwan’s presence on the world stage.

Recently, relations between Turkey and China have become tense after Ankara’s repudiation of Beijing treatment of the Muslim Uyghur people in China’s Xinjiang province.

Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy called the concentration camps in the Xinjiang region “completely unacceptable,” and a “serious human rights violation.” His remarks sparked a row between Turkey and China.

In Cheng’s article published in Turkish media, the Taiwanese envoy pointed out how countries have been manipulated by Beijing into breaking ties with Taiwan, and how private companies, like Turkish Airlines, have been coerced into accepting Beijing’s imperialistic claims over Taiwan.

The letter serves as a message to the people of Turkey that Taiwan is not willing to give up its democratic institutions and will fight to maintain its free society.

With many Turkish people already growing increasingly critical of Beijing’s strongman tactics, and oppressive campaigns targeting Turkic people, Representative Cheng’s message may find new allies for Taiwan among the people of Turkey.

Image of article published in Haber Ajanda