76 repeat DUI offenders attend lecture in funeral hall in New Taipei

76 repeat DUI offenders required to attend lecture in funeral parlor in New Taipei City


(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- As part of an effort to reduce drunk driving deaths, 76 repeat DUI offenders were required to attend a workshop on road traffic safety at a funeral home in New Taipei City today, according to local media reports.

At 2 p.m. today, the Banqiao Motor Vehicles Supervision Station implemented its first traffic safety workshop in a side auditorium at the Banqiao Municipal Funeral Hall in New Taipei City. The Directorate General of Highway (DGH) said that it singled out 77 DUI repeat offenders, who had been arrested for the offense at least twice within five years, to attend the lecture.

The DGH said that, with the exception of one person who requested special leave in advance, the 76 other drivers attended the workshop.

The interior of the room was arranged to look like a funeral parlor for grieving a deceased loved one. A white couplet was hung on the front of the auditorium which read "Mourning the loss of 3,088 people who have died in drunk driving accidents across the country over the past five years."

A refrigerated coffin was also placed in the room to add to the feel of an actual funeral. After the 50-minute lecture ended, the attendees boarded a shuttle bus to take them back to the motor vehicle supervision station.

As for the effectiveness of the "funeral lecture," participants said that it made them feel the need to be more vigilant. However, others cynically said, "If someone wants to drink, they'll still drink," reported Liberty Times.

This form of "shock education" has generated both positive and negative comments by netizens. Some think that it will make the drivers more cautious in the future.

Others said that visiting a funeral home would "have no deterrent effect at all." One netizen wrote, "Let them lie down in a casket or clean a refrigerated coffin."