Vietnamese spa owner threatens cops with knife after Indonesian masseuse arrested

Vietnamese massage parlor owner brandishes knife after cops arrest her Indonesian employee in New Taipei City

Bui being arrested (lower left). (New Taipei City Police Department photo)

Bui being arrested (lower left). (New Taipei City Police Department photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The Vietnamese owner of a spa in New Taipei City yesterday (March 5) angrily threatened police officers with a knife after she found out that her Indonesian employee was being arrested for overstaying her visa, reported UDN.

Yesterday afternoon at 2 p.m. officers from the Tamsui Precinct of the New Taipei City Police Department arrived at a massage parlor on Zhongshan North Road in the city's Tamsui District for a routine inspection. Officer soon discovered that one of the masseuses was an unaccounted for Indonesian female worker who had overstayed her visa by three years.

Knowing that she faced arrest, the Indonesian woman pretended to go to a back room to collect her documents, but instead fled through the back door. Police caught up with her at the entrance of a nearby supermarket, but she tried to escape again.

Knife used by Bui to threaten police officers. (New Taipei City Police Department photo)

Police were finally able to subdue her and escorted her back to the spa.

Upon hearing the news of the arrest, the spa's 40-year-old Vietnamese female owner surnamed Bui (裴), who had obtained her Taiwanese citizenship, rushed back to her shop. Angry that the police were preparing to take her Indonesian employee to the police station, she pulled out a large watermelon knife from the counter, started to curse the officers, and waved the blade at them.

During an ensuing scuffle with police, Bui's left elbow smashed into a glass cabinet, resulting a laceration and bleeding. Bui was then taken to the Mackay Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Indonesian woman (center, right) being wrestled to the ground by police. (New Taipei City Police Department photo)

After bringing the Indonesian woman into the police station for questioning, officers confirmed that she had overstayed her visa by more than three years. Police then transferred her to the National Immigration Agency to face deportation.

Following treatment at the hospital, Bui was transferred to the New Taipei District Prosecutor's Office on charges of Interference with Public Functions (妨害公務罪) and violating the Employment Service Act (就業服務法).