Japanese man caught taking 'upskirt' photo in Taipei

Japanese businessman caught sneaking 'upskirt' photo under woman in Taipei

Suspect being restrained (right). (Taipei Police Department photo)

Suspect being restrained (right). (Taipei Police Department photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A Japanese businessman was arrested on Monday (March 4) after he was caught taking "upskirt" photos of a woman shopping in Taipei.

On Monday, a 41-year-old woman wearing a leopard pattern miniskirt was shopping at a cosmetics store inside the Qingguang Market in Taipei's Zhongshan District, when a 28-year-old Japanese man squatted beside her, reported UDN. Surveillance video shows the man appear to take photograph under her skirt with his mobile phone.

Not satisfied with the first shot, he moves in to take another photo. It was on his second attempt that the victim felt something "hot" brush against her thigh. When she turned around, she discovered a man hastily retracting his cell phone after apparently positioning it under her skirt.

Suspect placing phone beneath victim's skirt. (Photo from Taipei Police Department)

The man initially tried to pretend that nothing was amiss, but when she angrily demanded he hand over his phone, he slid it back into his pocket. When she repeated her demand, he turned away, scurried down the stairs, and beat a hasty retreat from the store.

As the suspect tried to flee the scene, the woman ran after him and shouted "pervert!" (色狼). After hearing the woman's screams, a male fruit vendor chased down the suspect from behind and subdued him by putting him in a bear hug, reported EBC.

When police arrived on the scene, they took the man into custody. During police questioning, he said that he was a businessman working for a Japanese company and had come to Taiwan last year on a work visa.

Victim (right) confronting the suspect (left) in the shop. (Photo from Taipei Police Department)

The man confessed to police that when he saw the woman, he thought she was "too beautiful" and could not help but take out his mobile phone and secretly snap some photos.

After an initial investigation, police found that this was not the man's first offense, and he had already been suspended by his company, pending a judicial investigation.

Following questioning, the suspect was sent to the Taipei District Prosecutor's Office on charges of Offense of Interference with Personal Privacy (妨害秘密罪) and violating the Sexual Harassment Prevention Act (性騷擾防治法).

Female bystander (left) confronting suspect (right). (Photo from Taipei Police Department)