Cold front could bring snow to Taiwan's mountains this week

Cold, wet weather in store for Taiwan over next 5 days

Snow on Yangmingshan last year.

Snow on Yangmingshan last year. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A continental cold air mass which has arrived in Taiwan is expected to bring cold, wet weather to northern Taiwan and snow to the country's mountains over the next three days.

The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) today said that as a continental cold air mass pushes south into Taiwan today, the low temperatures are expected to dip down to between 14 and 17 degrees Celsius in northern and northeastern Taiwan, 16 and 23 degrees in central Taiwan, and 19 and 26 degrees in southern Taiwan. Members of the public in all areas are advised to beware of large temperature fluctuations between day and night.

As for precipitation, the cold front is bringing wet, unstable weather to all parts of the country. Northern, northeastern and central Taiwan are likely to see frequent showers, with heavy rain possible, while the rest of the country could see scattered showers.

The CWB said that northeasterly winds will strengthen tonight and has issued a strong wind advisory for the whole nation. Winds of level 6 to 7 will be seen in northern Taiwan and the northern part of the Taiwan Strait, with gusts reaching up to level 10 during thunderstorms.

The CWB predicts that the continental cold air mass will be most strongly felt in Taiwan on Thursday and Friday (March 7 and 8), when low temperatures will dip down to 12 to 13 degrees in northern Taiwan, 13 to 14 degrees in central Taiwan, and 14 degrees in southern and eastern Taiwan. Mountainous areas with an elevation over 3,500 meters could see snowfall from today until Friday, according to the CWB.