Temperatures to drop 15 degrees Celsius in Taiwan after a sunny Tuesday

Temperatures in northern Taiwan is set to dip below 12 degrees Celsius on late Thursday under the influence of a front

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Temperatures in northern Taiwan are set to plunge by 15 degrees Celsius to 12 degrees Celsius late on Thursday under the influence of a front, according to a weather expert, and the wet and cold weather would continue until next Monday.

Wu Der-rong (吳德榮), a meteorologist and adjunct associate professor of atmospheric sciences at National Central University, said in his weather blog on Tuesday that balmy weather today will give way to colder and wetter conditions as a northeastern monsoon arrives tomorrow. The temperatures will begin to drop toward 12 degrees Celsius in northern Taiwan between late Thursday and early Friday, and other cities in the country will see temperatures fall to between 13 and 14 degrees Celsius.

The cold air will begin to weaken between Friday noon and Saturday, but mostly cloudy skies with scattered showers, Wu added. On Sunday, Mar. 10, the weather will turn colder and wetter in northern Taiwan.

The Central Weather Bureau pointed out today that the island country will transition from a warmer winter to a warmer and rainless spring, and urged the public to conserve water as the water level in major reservoirs across the country was continuing to drop.