Taiwan woman given 3 years 6 months after daughter dies in drink-driving incident

The woman had already served jail time for drink driving in 2017

(Image courtesy of Taitung County Police Bureau)

(Image courtesy of Taitung County Police Bureau)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A woman from Taitung (台東) was sentences to three years and six months in prison on Monday following the death of her 14-year-old daughter due to a drink-driving incident.

CNA reports the woman, surnamed Lin (林), who already had four counts of driving under the influence and her license revoked, was carrying her daughter on the back of a scooter when she crashed into two cars last year. Her daughter died after sustaining critical injuries.

The verdict stated Lin had already been charged four times with driving under the influence and was handed a five-month sentence in 2016, which she completed in Sept. 2017. Her license was revoked after the incident.

In June last year, Lin hit two consecutive cars parked at the side of the road when driving through Beinan Township (卑南鄉) in Taitung. Her daughter, who was riding on the back of the scooter, sustained serious head injuries and was immediately sent to hospital but did not recover. Lin was also taken in for medical treatment.

Police revealed Lin’s blood alcohol concentration was 1.22mg at the time of her arrest. The woman said she had been drinking and working at the same time, and finished a whole bottle of Paolyta-b medicinal wine.

Lin’s husband pleaded for her to not given a heavy sentence, but Taitung District Court ruled Lin had already served jail time for drink-driving, and it was clear she had not changed her behavior.

Two of Lin’s three children were resettled by the Department of Social Welfare, but the couple were allowed to continue raising their eldest child who studies in senior high school. The court said the case may be repealed.