OhBear dismayed at CCTV's reference to Taiwan's Yangminshan

Taiwan's MOFA uses OhBear to protest CCTV's description of Yangmingshan as being in 'southeast China'

MOFA Twitter image (left), CCTV Twitter image (right).

MOFA Twitter image (left), CCTV Twitter image (right).

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- On its Twitter feed on Friday (March 1), Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), used the mascot OhBear to mock China's state-run CCTV for describing Yangmingshan National Park as being in "southeast China."

On Thursday (Feb. 28), CCTV posted a tweet which included cherry trees in bloom and described the photos as showing tourists enjoying scenery in Yangmingshan National Park in "Taipei, southeast China's Taiwan."

The next day, MOFA replied on Twitter by writing that "Taiwan's OhBear was dismayed by CCTV's factual error." It went on to explain that the Yangmingshan National Park is in "TAIWAN" in all caps, and is not "southeast China."

MOFA then asked that the mistake be corrected immediately.

MOFA added a comment below which stated that "Tweeting is fun" and that "people in China should be allowed to enjoy it too." MOFA also emphasized that there is "no need to fear wumao, as we don't have any in Taiwan."

The term "wumao" is used to describe China's legions of trolls recruited to spread disinformation on social media at the alleged price of five mao (0.5 Chinese yuan) per comment.

CCTV has yet to respond to MOFA's tweet.

Updated : 2021-03-08 00:31 GMT+08:00