Taiwanese outraged after pit bull savagely mauls dog to death

Taiwanese furious after pit bull viciously mauls another dog to death in Nantou, Taiwan

Bystander hits pit bull with stick. (Image from Facebook group 爆料公社)

Bystander hits pit bull with stick. (Image from Facebook group 爆料公社)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taiwanese are outraged again after yet another pet American pit bull terrier savagely mauled a neighborhood dog in central Taiwan yesterday (March 2), reported UDN.

Yesterday morning in Nantou County's Xinyi Township, a pit bull terrier broke free from its chain and ran into the parking lot of the Dream Works of the Mei winery (梅子夢工廠) to brutally attack a black dog fed by local residents, who nicknamed him "Little Black" (小黑). Three employees from the winery tried pull off the pit bull with brooms and sticks, but to no avail.

Throughout the ordeal, the black dog continuously howled in agony as it bled profusely on the pavement, shocking witnesses. After half an hour, the owner of the pit bull was finally able to pull it off the black dog, but by that point it was too late and the animal succumbed to its injuries.

Pit bull attacking black dog. (Photo from Facebook group 爆料公社).

Residents of the neighborhood said this was not the first time the pit bull had attacked other dogs. They said that last year the animal had attacked another local dog named "Pony" (小馬) on two occasions.

Fortunately, bystanders were able to rescue Pony from the jaws of the killing machine, but it still sustained serious injuries in the process.

After the latest attack, the owner of the pit bull did not offer an apology and simply said, "I accidentally let the dog loose." Witnesses on the scene were furious at the owner's attitude and one scolded the man by saying, "Didn't you hear the black dog being bitten? There were a lot of tourists at the winery. What if it had attacked a child?"

Pit bull attacking black dog. (Photo from Facebook group 爆料公社).

Winery employees said they saw the dog rushing into the parking lot across the street and immediately sink its fangs into the black dog's neck. Despite the black dog's attempts to break free, and the intervention of three winery employees, the pit bull's vice-like grip was impossible to break.

A witness of the incident posted photos and an account on the Facebook group Breaking News Commune (爆料公社). The witness said that Pony was a stray, Little Black was raised by an elderly man next door, and the pit bull lived across the street.

The witness said that this latest attack was the third assault against other dogs. "Pony had been rescued from the gates of hell twice before, but this time Little Black couldn't be saved," said the witness.

Wounds suffered by Pony after previous attack. (Photo from Facebook group 爆料公社).

Incredibly, the witness said that the owner did not appear from start to finish and "did not even apologize!" The witness said that every time the pit bull attacked other dogs, the owner would say that he had broken free from his chain.

According to the witness, Pony had required veterinary treatment for both of the attacks, and the employees of the winery had to foot the bill in both cases.

In January, another pit bull viciously attacked and killed a stray dog in Keelung, despite efforts from local residents to drive the animal away using sticks and scooter helmets.

Wounds suffered by Pony after previous attack. (Photo from Facebook group 爆料公社).

Netizens were infuriated by yet another pit bull attack against a defenseless pet:

"Sue him, this is ridiculous."

"Notify the Animal Protection Office of a negligent owner."

"Notify authorities. Otherwise this will continue to happen in the future."

A number of violent incidents involving pit bull terriers attacking people have hit headlines over recent years, bringing society to question whether Taiwan ought to follow in the footsteps of other countries and ban or restrict ownership of the dog breed.

The pit bull terrier is regarded as a “dangerous dog” by the Executive Yuan’s Council of Agriculture, which states on its website that the animal is bred for cruel purposes including fighting. Dangerous dogs are required to be muzzled and kept on a leash at all times in public places, but are still allowed to be raised as pets.

According to the Nantou County Animal Disease Control Center, if members of the public witness a dog attacking another dog, they can call the police and the center. The Animal Protection Act (動保法) states that "A pet owner must ensure that the animal they raise does not infringe on the life, body, liberty, property, or tranquility of others."

Pet owners who violate the Animal Protection Act can be subject to a fine of up to NT$15,000 (US$485).