Fight between drinking buddies ends in murder in Nantou, Taiwan

A 30 year old man, surnamed Hou, was arrested Friday morning on suspicion of murder in the death of a 64 year old man surnamed Chang

Hou in front of Chang's residence with officers

Hou in front of Chang's residence with officers (CNA photo)

TAIPE (Taiwan News) – A drunken brawl between two men in Nantou City on Thursday night led to one’s death and the other being arrested on suspicion of murder.

A 30 year old man, surnamed Hou (侯), was arrested Friday morning and transferred to the Nantou District Inspection Office on Friday evening after confessing to killing a 64 year old man, surnamed Chang (張), on Thursday, Feb. 28.

According to an Apple Daily report, police officers were called to a building in Nantou City around 7:00 p.m. by neighbors who reported a disturbance. Officers found large amounts of blood on the first floor of the residence and in the stairwell between the first and second floor.

Officer then discovered Zhang’s dead body inside his home’s bathtub on the second floor. He reportedly died from severe blood loss, caused by blunt force trauma to his side of his head.

Officers also immediately noticed bruising around the man’s neck, suggesting that there had been a struggle with someone else and the head injury was not the result of an accident.

Police reviewed security footage and discovered that Hou had been in the neighborhood prior to the incident. Hou was an acquaintance of Chang’s through a previous job, and the two were reportedly drinking buddies.

When officers questioned Hou on Friday, March 1, he initially claimed that there had been a fight but that Chang had fallen on his own and injured his head in the melee. However when shown a photograph of Chang's body and pressed by the officers, he eventually confessed that he had struck Chang with a coffee mug.

Hou and Chang were drinking together when an argument erupted Thursday night. As the fight escalated, Hou began to choke Chang with a belt, before grabbing a Tim Horton’s coffee mug and bashing it into the older man’s skull.

After Chang began bleeding profusely, Hou left the scene, and the wounded Chang stumbled into his bathroom where he died from extreme blood loss, according to the Apple Daily report. Hou did not explain the original reason for their argument to officers, reports CNA.