Art exhibition 'Beyond Nature' being held at Vital Space Taichung

The exhibtion, organized by the Live Forever Foundation, will run through June

Taiwanese artist, Hung Tien-Yu showcased in Vital Space (image by Taiwan News Lyla Liu)

Taiwanese artist, Hung Tien-Yu showcased in Vital Space (image by Taiwan News Lyla Liu)

TAICHUNG (Taiwan News) — The art exhibition “Beyond Nature” held by the Live Forever Foundation which showcases Taiwanese artists Hung, Tien-Yu and Lo, Yi-Chun’s works is in Taichung until June 30.

The art exhibition, titled "Beyond Nature" (自然之外), focuses on environmental issues and the lives of foreign workers in Taiwan. The artistic works on display express insight via paintings, large scale installations and collages.

Beyond Nature exhibition (photo by Taiwan News/Lyla Liu)

One of the showcase artists, Hung Tien-Yu (洪天宇), has been paying attention and making efforts towards solving ecological problems for a long time. He discovered that the environment has been damaged gradually and that with advancing heavy industry, the situation is only getting worse.

Hung created a series of works titled "City Ark" (城市方舟) to portray the landscape of Taiwan, beginning with images made years ago and then more recent images, in order to compare. The blank spaces he leaves in the paintings are where inorganic objects are located, such as concrete buildings, asphalt road and other items.

According to Hung, the blank spots represent a gap of life. He further explained, Taiwan was once full of plants, flowers and living creatures, but because people are eager to become wealthy, they sacrifice the environment and damage their surroundings.

Hung was mad at the selfish humans, but he has reconciled with the world after years of practicing art. Through his series of works, the audience may be able to notice a theme of “life and death.”

“I no longer focus on the damaged environment and the extinct species, but rather look at how the organic objects are being used and how helpful they are. Then I gradually reach my inner peace,” said Hung.

Exhibited artist, Lo Yi-Chun and her showcase work composed of waste materials from the beach (photo by Taiwan News/Lyla Liu)

The other showcase artist, Lo Yi-Chun, presents works she created with foreign workers in Taiwan. Lo and foreign workers went to clean up the mountains and beaches, then they used the waste objects they collected to make the art work.

Lo was surprised that an Indonesian worker, Halim, voluntarily chose to pick up rubbish from the mountains and beaches of Taiwan. According to Halim, there are a lot of mountains in his hometown, so Taiwan reminds him of home. That was why he wanted to protect the environment.

The exhibition Beyond Nature brings the works of two artists from different generations. Both of them care about the land and express it through art.

Beyond Nature is being held at Vital Space (陸府植深館) in Taichung and will be open until June. 30 with free entry admission. For more information, please visit the official website.

Exhibition information (image by Live Forever Foundation)