Taiwan's Leofoo Village offers NT$299 admission to visitors with an invoice containing ‘40’

The regular admission price for an adult is NT$999

(Original photos courtesy of Leofoo Village; photo redesigned by Orrin Hoopman)

(Original photos courtesy of Leofoo Village; photo redesigned by Orrin Hoopman)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Leofoo Village Theme Park offers NT$299 admission to visitors who produce a uniform invoice from Jan. through Mar. containing "40” in its 8-digit Arabic number during the four-day 228 Peace Memorial Day holiday from Feb. 28 to Mar. 3 as a celebration to mark its 40th anniversary, the theme park said in a news release on Tuesday.

The park’s public relations manager Sophia Yeh (葉益亨) said that she saw a posting on social media, which read that a father was planning to give his wife a surprise by taking her to Leofoo Village Theme Park during the 228 holiday, so he secretly asked his son if he happened to have a uniform invoice containing “40” in its number.

Yeh said that all the uniform invoices collected from the activity will be donated to Chuang Foo Foundation for the cause of protecting wild animals.

The manager also said that social media users had filled the theme park’s Facebook page with comments and discussions about the park’s price chopping activity.

Yeh added that the numerals “4” and “0” have to be together and in that order for the number to be valid. Separated “4” and “0” or “04” will not be accepted, Yeh said, adding that one uniform invoice is good for only one NT$299 admission ticket. The regular price for adults is NT$999.

For more information about this and other activities, please refer to the theme park’s official website http://www.leofoo.com.tw/village/ or Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/leofoovillage.

(photo courtesy of Leofoo Village Theme Park)

(Photo source: Wikipedia)

(Photo source: Wikipedia)