ITRI launches 'Smart Grid Academy' to foster talent for 21st century Taiwan

The program aims to provide resources and training in key industries like smart technology, internet of things, and renewable energy


(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) on Feb. 26 announced the establishment of a new “Smart Grid Academy” (電網學校) designed to foster talent in Taiwan, as the country moves forward in the digital information age.

The “Smart Grid Academy” will offer expertise and resources across Taiwan, including student scholarships, to improve education and training in areas of smart technology, internet of things, and renewable energy, with a goal of accelerating Taiwan’s transition to a 21st century nation making maximum use of renewable energy.

Following the establishment of the Smart Grid Management and Modernization Office (電網管理與現代化策略辦公室) by ITRI in July last year, the institute has been working on working on strategies to develop 21st century talent for Taiwan.

On Feb. 26, in addition to the academy, the ITRI announced the “Smart Grid Development Alliance," a group of 24 professionals across academics and key industries, who will serve as mentors for the first generation of researchers admitted to the ”Smart Grid Academy” programs, reports Liberty Times.

According to the report, the academy is prepared to offer scholarships of NT$1 million (US$32,000) for graduate students that are accepted to the research and training programs, which are set to begin in April.

Liu Wen-hsuing (劉文雄), Director of ITRI, was at the event announcing the establishment of the smart grid academy and the alliance. He said that he hopes the new programs will will resolve the notable lack of talent cultivation in key industries and contribute directly to Taiwan’s transformation into a smart society of the 21st century.