7-Eleven Taiwan to sell freshly-baked Domino's Pizza

7-Eleven Taiwan to open dual-branded store with Domino's Pizza in Taipei's Xinyi District

(Photo from President Chain Store Corp.)

(Photo from President Chain Store Corp.)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- President Chain Store Corp. (PCSC, 統一超商), which operates 7-Eleven stores in Taiwan, on Monday (Feb. 25) announced that it would launch a dual-branded store with Domino's Pizza in Taipei.

A dual-branded Domino's Pizza-7-Eleven has opened in Taipei's Xinyi Shopping District (信義區商圈) on a trial basis. This marks the first time a Domino's Pizza will be baking fresh pizza inside a 7-Eleven in Taiwan.

After a year of planning, the chain store operator has managed to fit a Domino's Pizza shop covering 5 ping (a ping equals 3.3 square meters) inside a 7-Eleven covering 85 ping of space. The menu has also been modified to specialize in 6-inch personal pizzas and 9-inch two-person pizzas.

The prices of the pizzas will range between NT$89 (US$2.89) and NT$208 (US$6.76), and for an extra NT$59 can be accompanied with a choice of fried or baked chicken drumsticks. To accommodate the demand for speedy service by convenience store customers, the pizza shop is touting it freshly-baked pizzas, which are "ready in 3 minutes."

(Photo from President Chain Store Corp.)

Given that the current baked pizza market in Taiwan is worth NT$8 billion, with a growth rate of 10 percent per year, the chain is planning on opening 10 more dual-branded trial branches this year. Domino's Pizza has 153 outlets in Taiwan and last year made NT$1.6 billion in revenue.

At over 10,000 shops in the country, Taiwan is the second-most saturated convenience store market in the world, trailing only South Korea and ahead of Japan. Therefore, PCSC, is trying to diversify its offerings to boost profits.

The chain operator said that in addition to boosting the performance of its pizza sales during lunch and dinner, it expects the new business model will also boost sales of refrigerated food, carbonated drinks, and tea drinks. It estimates that the addition of the pizza chain will increase foot traffic in the store by 10 to 20 percent.

(Photo from President Chain Store Corp.)