To drive tourism, S. Korea and Taiwan may agree to mutually recognize drivers licenses

After 2 million mutual tourist visits in 2018, Korean envoy says the two countries should aim for 3 million

File Photo: Pres. Tsai greets Korean envoy Yang Chang-Soo

File Photo: Pres. Tsai greets Korean envoy Yang Chang-Soo (By Wikimedia Commons)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The South Korean envoy to Taiwan, Yang Chang-soo (楊昌洙), is looking forward to signing a new agreement with the Taiwanese government that will encourage even more bilateral tourism between the two countries, he said in an interview with Liberty Times.

In 2018, more than 2 million tourists traveled between Taiwan and South Korea, and with increased flight options available, that number is very likely to increase for 2019.

After an agreement on reciprocal automatic customs clearance for flights to and from both countries, which was passed last year, Yang said his next goal is to sign an agreement for South Korea and Taiwan to mutually recognize one another’s drivers licenses.

With such an arrangement, travelers will feel much more at ease exploring beyond the major cities of Taipei or Seoul, which will provide a boost for tourism and the economy in general across both countries.

Liberty Times reports that the Korean envoy is also eager to create a special year for tourist exchanges between the two countries, with tourist sites, and travel programs in Taiwan developed specifically for visitors from South Korean, and vice versa.

With interest in Taiwan blossoming among young South Koreans, and Korean culture gaining more popularity in Taiwan, Yang says that the government should join forces and aim for the mutual exchange of three million tourists per year.