Gaggan Anand’s Meatlicious restaurant arrives in Taiwan


From 2/21 through 2/24, the Meatlicious guest chef event will be hosted at Mihan Honke – featuring a range of grilled meats paired with authentic Central and South American sauces. Set menu prices start at NT$4800 and the special supper session available on 2/23(Sat) at 930pm will be featuring a la carte menu which starts at NT$320.

Located in Bangkok’s prime location, Meatlicious restaurant was an instant hit since its opening in 2015. The restaurant uses grilling and “fire” as its main element, presenting guests the most authentic and original taste of its premium ingredients, from Australia, Japan, Argentina, Southeast Asia along with daily catches and seasonal vegetables. In its Bangkok location, there is only one sous-vide machine and no other electronic cooking devices; all pan-frying, sauté-ing, and frying processes are mainly based on the 300c heated grill which uses, depending on seasonal availability, mangrove, eucalyptus or litchi wood.

The guest chef event’s menu includes mainly three categories: appetizers, main courses and desserts. Appetizers include short rib taco, an upgrade of the commonly seen South American street snack; the beef is seared and then braised for 8 hours with vegetables, herbs and dry chili then the beef is pulled to place into the corn tortilla, paired with Mexican salsa made from tomatoes, onions, Jalapeno chilis and coriander. Khao Tom Foie Gras is inspired by traditional Thailand porridge rice soup, with foie gras and caviar added for a smooth and luxurious texture.

The main course Kampong chicken, inspired by kampongs or “small villages” in Southeast Asia, has the chicken marinated with rosemary, lime and chili then complemented with the green mole sauce often used in festivities, made from pumpkin seeds, herbs, coriander, Jalapeno, macadamia and tortilla. Another main course is Meatlicious’s bestselling dish – the visually astounding Tomahawk steak, which uses premium U.S. steak sprinkled with sea salt and then grilled for 25-30min to create is tender texture with a slightly crispy outer layer.

Desserts feature Tres Leches, in which condensed, evaporated and fresh milk are alternately layered with sponge cake and decorated with passionfruit and pineapple. The Chocolate Bull’s Eye, inspired by Chef Anand’s childhood memorise in India is brownie mixed with fudge and ice cream, , while Alfajores is a traditional South American cookie treat.

Chef Anand’s eponymous restaurant Gaggan serves modern Indian molecular gastronomy cuisine and has won 4 times consecutive "S.Pellegrino Asia's 50 Best Restaurants" and won Bangkok’s Michelin Guide 2 star in 2017 and 2018. His protégée, Chef Mario Malvaez, is Meatlicious restaurant’s executive chef – the 39 year old hails from Mexico and has worked in the F&B industry for more than 20 years. His work experience includes working on cruises, Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore and Thailand.