Cold air mass to bring mercury down to 12 degrees in N. Taiwan

Continental cold air mass to bring temperature down to 12 degrees in northern Taiwan

NOAA animated GIF of NW Pacific.

NOAA animated GIF of NW Pacific.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A continental cold air mass will descend upon Taiwan tomorrow (Feb. 22) bringing temperatures down to as low as 12 degrees Celsius by Saturday.

Meteorologist Daniel Wu (吳德榮) said northern and eastern Taiwan will see scattered showers as the continental cold air mass shifts south tomorrow morning. As the cold front makes its presence felt, temperatures will begin to cool in northern Taiwan, with coastal and open areas seeing the mercury dip down to between 12 and 13 degrees.

Wu said that the continental cold air mass will gradually move south tomorrow, and by midnight, low temperatures in Northern Taiwan could dip down to 13 degrees. On Saturday (Feb. 23), northern and central Taiwan will be cold and humid throughout the day, with low temperatures dropping down to 14 and 15 degrees in urban areas and 12 and 13 degrees in open and coastal areas.

As for the weather today, temperatures will only be slightly cooler than yesterday in northern Taiwan, while central and southern Taiwan will be balmy. Scattered showers are possible in on the north coast and eastern Taiwan, while western Taiwan will see partly cloudy to sunny skies, with a chance of afternoon showers in mountainous areas.

The high temperature today will climb up to 25 degrees in northern Taiwan, 29 degrees in central Taiwan, 32 degrees in southern Taiwan, and 28 degrees in eastern Taiwan.

From Friday through Saturday, rain showers will gradually extend southward to central Taiwan. In southern Taiwan skies will be cloudy and temperatures will also decrease.

Wu said that by Monday (Feb. 25), the temperature will rise slightly in northern Taiwan, but conditions will still be wet and cold, with scattered showers in northern and eastern Taiwan. On Tuesday and Wednesday (Feb. 26 and Feb. 27), the weather will improve with temperatures rising significantly, with only the coastal areas of northern Taiwan and eastern Taiwan still having the possibility of sporadic showers.