Blooming lupine flowers in Taipei’s Maokong beckon city dwellers

The golden yellow flower field offer some exquisite scenery for a weekend hike

(Photo courtesy of the GEO)

(Photo courtesy of the GEO)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Spring is the season of new beginnings, and a time during which Taiwan becomes awash with the new bloom of colorful flowers.

Travelers will be flocking to popular spots in some of the country's many national parks to witness the springtime marvel, but for those less inclined towards the hustle and bustle of tourist crowds, the Camphor Tree Trail (樟樹步道) in Taipei’s Maokong area may be the perfect choice.

The majestic lupine flower usually blooms along the Camphor Tree Trail in February each year. Its ornamental, golden-yellow petals blossom in a unique pattern that lend the flower a wind-chime-like appearance.

A variety of artworks are located among the Camphor Tree Trail lupine flower fields, including an ox carriage, a waterwheel, an old-fashioned bicycle, and a barn. The sculptures hark back to the agricultural societies that inhabited the outer areas of Taipei decades ago.

While enjoying the flowers, visitors can complete a loop hike by following the Camphor Tree Trail around through the Camphor Lake Trail (樟湖步道) and back to their point of departure. There are pavilions along each trail where walkers can take a rest.

Visitors are recommended to take the MRT to Taipei Zoo station, and then take Maokong Gondola. After exiting the gondola at the terminal station (Maokong Station), visitors should take a right and walk along the road for about 10 minutes to reach the trailhead of the Camphor Tree Trail.

(The following photos are courtesy of the Geotechnical Engineering Office of Taipei City Gvoernemnt)