Taiwan's Cloud Gate Dance Theater Director recognized for life achievement

On his 72nd birthday and entering retirement after 40 years with the iconic dance troupe, Lin Hwai-min was honored at UK's National Dance Awards Monday

Lin Hwai-min at the National Concert Hall in Taipei, Feb. 14

Lin Hwai-min at the National Concert Hall in Taipei, Feb. 14 (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The director of Taiwan’s Cloud Gate Theater, Lin Hwai-min (林懷民), has received a prestigious prize in the world of performing arts just in time for his 72nd birthday.

Lin’s birthday is Feb. 19, and last night in London, the world-renown choreographer received a “National Dance Award” for his outstanding creative contribution to dance, from the United Kingdom’s Critic’s Circle professional performing arts association.

In 2018, the Cloud Gate Dance Theater was honored by the Critic’s Circle with the “Stef Stefanou Award for Outstanding Dance company,” for their performance of “Formosa: About the Island.”

Lin announced after his troupe’s London performance last year, that he was planning to retire. The National Dance Award will certainly allow the accomplished dance troupe director to enter retirement on a high note.

Lin served as a part of the Cloud Gate Troupe and as its director over a 40 year period. As an ambassador of the arts, he has also represented Taiwan at countless venues across the world. He will be succeeded in the role of director, by Chen Zong-long (鄭宗龍).

Upon being notified of the award, Lin expressed his deepest gratitude to everyone who has worked with him over the course of his career, and he declared that it is truly an award for the entire Cloud Gate Dance Theater company.