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Search continues for missing teacher in central Taiwan

Odd circumstances surround disappearance of Taichung middle school teacher who vanished the morning of Friday, Feb. 15

(Photo of the missing person shared to social media)

(Photo of the missing person shared to social media)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A Taichung middle school teacher has mysteriously vanished, and has been missing since Friday, Feb. 15. Family and authorities continue to investigate her strange disappearance.

The 46 year old female teacher, surnamed Wu (吳), living in Taichung’s Shalu District, reportedly left her home on a scooter, headed to work on the morning of Feb. 15. However, she never arrived at Taichung Municipal Beishi Junior High School.

The case has stunned her family, co-workers, and students. After submitting a missing persons report, Taichung Police officers of the Qingshui branch office have been on the case, trying to piece together clues and retrace her steps that morning.

The woman reportedly left her home around 7:22 a.m. on Friday morning. After driving in one direction for approximately five minutes on her usual route before she suddenly turned around and drove in the opposite direction for about three kilometers, reports ETToday.

Search continues for missing teacher in central Taiwan
Wu seen on surveillance cameras (Photo released by Taichung police)

She crossed a multi-lane road Taiwan Boulevard (台灣大道) and headed down Hongchu Alley (紅竹巷) before she disappeared from available camera footage.

Outdoor surveillance cameras recorded her movements until she approached an area near a forested area in Shalu District.

Search continues for missing teacher in central Taiwan
Approximate last known location of Wu (Image from Google Maps)

When she failed to show up for class, the school tried to contact her. It was also discovered that the woman did not carry her cell phone with her when she left the house that morning.

Media reports characterize her disappearance as though she “vanished into thin air.”

At 9:00 a.m. on the morning of Feb. 19, a search and rescue association in Taichung deployed a helicopter with aerial surveillance equipment to screen the area, but found no trace of the woman or her scooter.

Authorities have released a description of what she was wearing and her vehicle. The scooter is a white and copper colored SYM Scooter, with plate number 509GUK.

Search continues for missing teacher in central Taiwan
Wu's scooter ​(Photo shared to social media)

She was last seen wearing an orange shirt, with a purple windbreaker jacket, with light colored jeans, reports Apple Daily.

The search is ongoing, and police are seeking assistance for any clues to Wu’s possible whereabouts. To contact authorities with any information relevant to the case, call 0930-007227.