Bookings for viewing fireflies in E. Taiwan’s Danongdafu Forest Park available now

This year the organized viewing activities will start on Mar. 16 and end on Apr. 14

(photo courtesy of Forestry Bureau)

(photo courtesy of Forestry Bureau)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Danongdafu Forest Park (大農大富平地森林園區) in Taiwan’s eastern county of Hualien offers the earliest opportunities for viewing fireflies, and this year the organized viewing activities will be held from Mar. 16 through Apr. 14, Taiwan’s Forestry Bureau said in a news release on Feb. 13.

Not only does Danongdafu Forest Park offer the earliest firefly viewing opportunities in the country every year, but the park is also the largest, most conveniently accessible, and safest place for viewing the glowing insects, the bureau said.

Three one-hour guided tours are available from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. each night during the viewing season, Hualien Forest District Office said.

Admission during the firefly viewing season is NT$198 per person, NT$160 for Hualien citizens and the handicapped, and free of charge for anyone under two years old. The fee includes a guided tour and a gift. Many choices are available for the gift, including local agricultural products and specialties ranging from tea, fried peanuts, pineapple cakes, organic rice, and works of art.

In order to provide a better firefly viewing environment, the number of visitors allowed inside the park to view fireflies is limited to 800 per weekday and 1,200 per weekend day, the bureau said. Therefore, interested people are advised to make an online booking in advance via this site.

The Danongdafu Forest Park is located in Guangfu Township (光復鄉), Hualien County, lying in the East Rift Valley between the Central Mountain Range and the Coastal Range. Forestry Bureau has planted more than a million trees of nearly 20 species which are common at lower altitudes.

A 13-kilometer bikeway winds through the forests of the park, which has an area of 1,250 hectares. Visitors are recommended to ride bikes around the park during daytime and watch fireflies during nighttime. Bicycle rentals are available, too.

The entrance to the forest park is located at kilometer 255.7 of Provincial Highway No. 9. After turning into the entrance, just follow signs to the forest park's service center.

Visitors can also come by Taiwan Tourist Shuttle. Get off at TRA Hualien Station, walk to the right of the station to board a Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Hualien Route bus, and get off at the Danongdafu Forest Park, which is the last stop on the Hualien Route.

For related information, please visit the activity’s Facebook page or call the park at (03) 870-0870#9.

(photo courtesy of East Rift Valley National Scenic Area)

(photo courtesy of East Rift Valley National Scenic Area)

(photo courtesy of Forestry Bureau)