93-year-old man crashes Mercedes into Taipei MRT station

93-year-old man accidentally careens Mercedes-Benz onto Taipei MRT station platform


(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A 93-year-old man accidentally crashed his Mercedes-Benz onto the platform of a Taipei Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station yesterday afternoon (Feb. 17), reported CNA.

At 5:08 p.m. yesterday afternoon, a 93-year-old man surnamed Hou (侯) accidentally plowed his silver Mercedes-Benz up onto the platform of the Qilian MRT station in Taipei's Beitou District. Hou was apparently unscathed from the incident and no passengers were reported to have suffered any injuries.

According to police, while driving from Shilin to Beitou through a section of Xi'an Street on his way to visit relatives, Hou accidentally drove his costly car up the steps of the Qilian MRT station near Exit 1. The front of the car sustained serious damage from the accident and transmission fluid could be seen leaking at the scene, but no injuries were reported.

Hou told police that he accidentally stepped on the accelerator pedal when he had actually intended to hit the brakes when on a steep incline. Surveillance footage shows the speeding car barely missing three pedestrians who had just crossed the street by inches.