Taiwan Nat. Immigration Agency holds Lantern Fest celebrations in Taipei

The event featured dance, music, riddle solving, and tangyuan making

Taiwan Nat. Immigration Agency holds Lantern Fest ...

Taiwan Nat. Immigration Agency holds Lantern Fest ...

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – With Lantern Festival just around the corner, the National Immigration Agency held an event at Wanhua New Immigrants’ Hall in Taipei on Sunday to mark the end of the Lunar New Year of the Pig.

The event, which featured music, dancing, solving riddles, and making tangyuan (湯圓), saw the participation of more than 150 new immigrants spanning two generations.

Celebrations kicked off with a performance by VIT Dance Group (泰友印越舞蹈社), with dancers dressed in traditional Indonesian garments flowing across the stage to the tune of “Tian Mi Mi” (甜蜜蜜)—a classic of the late Taiwanese diva Teresa Teng.

The event reached a climax with participants engaging in a riddle-guessing activity to win prizes. Younger, second-generation immigrants learned how to make pig-shaped tangyuan, or yuanxiao (元宵)—a fun, thematic take on the traditional Chinese dessert made of glutinous rice flour and customarily eaten during Lantern Festival.

Cheng Yu-tai (程豫台), president of I-Mei Multimedia e-Content Production & Marketing Co., wished all the participants a Happy Lantern Festival, and highlighted the celebration's significance as a time of union for families across Asia.

Lin Tse-chien (林澤謙) from the Secretariat of the National Immigration Agency also took the opportunity to promote the Global News for New Immigrants (新住民全球新聞網), a website that provides the latest immigration information, while also broadcasting news in languages such as Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Thai.

Individuals can visit the Facebook page “Taiwan我來了” for more event information.

Pig-shaped tangyuan (Photo/Global News for New Immigrants)