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Taiwan maintains global leadership in IC wafer fab capacity

IC Insights: Taiwan has maintained its lead in production of integrated circuit 200mm wafer fab capacity for the 4th consecutive year

(Photo from TSMC/ Taiwan Today)

(Photo from TSMC/ Taiwan Today) (Agencies photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan Today) -- Taiwan maintained its global leadership in integrated circuit 200mm-equivalent wafer fab capacity for the fourth consecutive year, according to U.S.-based IC Insights Inc.

According to a report recently released by the semiconductor research firm, Taiwan boasts an average monthly capacity of 4.13 million wafers as of December 2018. This represents a global share of 21.8 percent, positioning the country ahead of South Korea, 21.3 percent; Japan, 16.8 percent; North America, 12.8 percent; and China, 12.5 percent.

China was the biggest year-on-year mover, the report said, attributing the increase from 10.8 percent to large-scale investment in new facilities and lines, as well as technology.

In terms of individual companies, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd., the world’s largest pure-play foundry, account for 67 percent of Taiwan’s capacity, while Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and SK Hynix Inc. comprise 94 percent of South Korea’s capacity. The trio are also the top three capacity leaders worldwide.